Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking Ehren to the Folklife Festival and our last day in San Antonio till October

Today we took Ehren to the Texas Folklife Festival. Sarita & Brett enjoyed going when they were Ehren's age and a little older. One of the highlights of his day may have been riding the city bus. We took the "Park N' Ride" to the festival instead of trying to find a parking place down town.

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Ehren on the bus

Pictures of Ehren & Grandpa. Ehren's a goodlooking kid isn't he! Unbiased opinon from Grandpa.

Ehren & Grandpa horseing around. Bumping shoulders as kids will do. You think Grandpa is just a big kid???

Oh! that's a good strawberry snow cone!

There was a large toy rocking horse

And a full sized rocking horse

And one large enough for two people to ride

Ehren did get to ride on a Longhorn Cattle roundup

Of course the important things when you are four years old are:



And, Ice Cream

We are in a heat spell in San Antonio this week. Afternoon highs are between 98 and 100 degrees. To make matters worse the humidity is high. To try to avoid as much of the heat as possible we took the first "Park N' Ride" bus down at 10:30am so we could be there when they opened at 11am. By 1:30 to 2pm it was getting quite warm (can you say HOT) and we could see Ehren was getting tired. Time to take him home! There was a bus waiting at the pick up spot and the air conditioner on the bus must have been set for about 68 degrees. We rejoiced!!!! Most of the pictures of Ehren and Grandpa on the bus are from the ride home. Of course by this time he was hungry. Most of the food at the festival was ethnic food, not exactly the kind of food which excites a youngster! We stopped by the "Golden Arches" and picked up some "good food" in the drive-through and it was back to home.

I think everyone had a good time. Kind of one on one quality time with a grandchild.

Off on the start of our trip to Colorado in the morning. I hope to get started early (8am) in order to try to drive as much as possible before the temperature gets into the mid to upper 90's.

Until later.

Al & Sharon

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