Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fall, Winter and Spring with Family in Texas

September 12, 2008, after our wonderful 5 ½ month trip to the Northeast US and the Canadian Atlantic Provences of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, we arrived at Sarita’s house in Lewisville for a three week visit. We get to park in Sarita’s back yard and use her electric free of charge. We do pay for our parking place by completing a list of “Mommy Do’s” and “Daddy Do’s” We had a nice visit and accomplished most of the “Do’s”.

On to San Antonio in time for Nate’s first birthday!

The remainder of the post is mostly pictures of the boys taken during our stay the last few months.

Nate’s birthday:

Daddy helping Nate open his presents

Enough of this opening presents, I want to go play!

Nate is ready to tear into his cake. See the two hands holding him back!

A special cake had been made just for Nate so he could use his hands to eat it “all by himself”

On to Holloween:

The boys went Trick or Treating as the Mario and Wario video game characters

Nate as Mario(sorry about the grainy picture)

And Ehren as Wario

And then there was Christmas:

Followed by Easter:

Nate found an Easter egg

Ehren takes a break from finding Easter eggs to open one and eat the candy inside.

Several times the boys (and Mom & Dad) came to the RV Park we stayed at and we all swam in the pool.

Ehren, Sarita & Nate

A little horseplay between Al & Brett in the pool

Ehren taking a big jump to Daddy

Daddy throwing Ehren to Grandpa

Nate jumped to Mommy

And a few more pictures:

I just finished a good peanut butter sandwich

Four years old going on fourteen!!

Am I cool or what!!

Is this a good looking family or what! And that is an unbiased opinion!!

That's it for now. We leave for the high country in Colorado, June 13th or 14th.

Until later.

Al & Sharon

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