Friday, July 31, 2009

Colorado July 26-29, 2009. Seymour Lake, Colorado State Wildlife Area

While staying at Dumont Lake, on one of our sightseeing trips, we stopped by Seymour Lake Colorado State Wildlife Area and thought it would be a really nice place to spend a few days.

Yes, this is the same map as the one you saw in our previous blog for Dumont Lake. Seymour Lake is only about 20 miles from Dumont Lake. When we stopped by here a few days ago, we saw a pretty lake with about a dozen or so beautiful white pelicans, along with wonderful open views of mountains in all directions.

We certainly enjoyed our four days here. It was a peaceful and quiet CG for the most part. There were a few fishermen stopping by to fish each day, and a couple of campers as well. Watching the pelicans fly and feed was most pleasant. White pelicans don't dive for their food like the brown pelicans we are accustomed to along the gulf coast. The white pelicans forage for their food, not too unlike how ducks and geese do, by sticking their bills and/or heads under water. We are surprised they are able to get enough food that way. These are large birds requiring many pounds of fish each day. We didn’t ‘do’ a lot here other than enjoy the peace and quiet and the views.

Many of the following pictures were what we would see out our front window.

Morning view to the South

Early morning fisherman in the mist with bright sun. You could say there was a second fisherman; the pelican between the boat & the sun. :)

Or perhaps three fishermen

Afternoon view of the lake & mountain

Afternoon thunderhead in the distance

Double Rainbow. (There is a faint rainbow on the right)

Beautiful Rainbow. The rainbow was even reflected in the water.

Both rainbows appeared on the same afternoon

Afternoon view of the lake

Pelicans swimming in front of the Bug

Pelican flying & landing

On one of Al’s morning walk, he flushed a nice buck mule deer with antlers still in velvet

A closer look

That's about it for now.

Until later,

Al & Sharon

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