Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colorado: July 30 – Aug. 8, 2009. Wolford Mountain Lake & Meeker

After several pleasant days at Seymour Lake, we moved to Wolford Mountain Lake campground about 8 miles north of Kremmling. Our campsite had a very nice view of the lake and the mountain on the other side.

There were other beautiful views from our front & side windows as well:

Moon rising.

Moon over the lake

One afternoon we had two beautiful double rainbows over the lake.

There was lots of grass around our camp and the ground squirrels would stand up, pull a stalk of grass down and proceed to eat the seeds from the end of the stalk.

On one of our sightseeing trips we saw this interesting rock formation along the highway.

After a pleasant weekend at the lake we were getting “hitch itch” and it was time to move again. We hooked the Blazer to the back of the Bug and off we went to the small town of Meeker. Meeker is on the western side of the rocky mountains but not yet out on the open high desert plains of western Colorado and Utah. When we leave Meeker we will be out in sage brush country.

In Meeker we stayed in the city park right on the White River. The camping area in the park wasn’t pretty the park and river was.

View of park & river.

View of the pretty town of Meeker.

The Bug is in the lower center of the picture.

The town of Meeker is noted for hosting President Teddy Roosevelt’s hunting trips when he was president. Pictures of the lobby of the Meeker Hotel where he stayed.

That’s it for now. Next up is county fair and Buckaroo Rodeo in Meeker.

Al & Sharon

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