Monday, September 26, 2016

Five Fingers Rapids, Whitehorse & 47th wedding anniversary. August 16-19, 2016

Five Fingers Rapids, Whitehorse & 47th wedding anniversary.

As noted in the last blog entry, we made the travel from Tombstone Park to Whitehorse a two day trip.  We spent the night at Five Fingers Rapids at KM380 on the Klondike Hwy en-route to Whitehorse. 

A little about Five Fingers Rapids where we spent the night in the recreation area, which is just a pullout off the Klondike hwy with a trail going down to the rapids. 

Lots of additional info about Five Fingers Rapids here. 

The trail to the rapids consists of a 219 step staircase leading to a 1/3 mile trail to the rapids.  A number of the Klondike Gold Rush people in the 1898 gold rush had there boats wrecked on these rapids.  Additionally these rapids were a major challenge for the steamboats navigating the Yukon river.


The rapids

After a quiet night at Five Fingers Rapids pullout, we had an easy 125 mile drive to Whitehorse where we would spend tonight and tomorrow night parking in Walmart’s Parking lot. 

Today is 47th wedding anniversary!  We will celebrate a day late, by spending an extra day in Whitehorse, as today is going to be a travel day. 

We had this beautiful sunrise greet us on our extra day in Whitehorse.  The view of the parking lot was not much to look at the but the sky was beautiful. 

To help celebrate our anniversary we went to lunch at “Klondike Rib & Salmon”.  We had a very good lunch with excellent service, just as we did when we ate here on our way to Alaska in May. 

We spend a third night in Whitehorse keep from traveling in the rain.  Also we had good cell coverage in Whitehorse, which meant good internet access.  

After a two and half quiet days in Whitehorse we moved 275 miles down the Alaska Hwy to Watson Lake for the night.  From there we will pick up the Cassiar Hwy and the remainder of our trip back to the US border. 

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