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Seward. Part 2 Whale & Glacier Boat Tour July 6-11, 2016

Seward, AK Part 2 July 6-11, 2016 All day boat tour.

Watching the weather forecasts we could see, what hopefully would be a nice sunny day, for an all day boat tour to see glaciers caving and whales & other marine wildlife.

We selected Major Marine Tours for our trip. They offer tours from a 3.5 hour bay trip to an 8.5 hour trip to a more remote Fjord in a smaller vessel. We opted for the 8.5 hour trip. We felt the smaller vessel would take us closer to the glaciers and give better views of the marine wildlife. 

Some of the tours offer a Salmon & Prime Rib meal.  However someone in a blog mentioned that the meal was scheduled during the stop at the glacier, when you would want to be outside watching for the glacier to calve.  

It turned out to be a great trip. We saw several orca whales, humpback whales, one of which breached about 12-15 times for us, a glacier which calved a number of times while we watched, a couple of groups of stellar sea lions and great scenery. All on a nice sunny day with little wind.

Waiting for the boat to arrive for our tour.
Leaving Seward

In Resurrection Bay. Beautiful water.

Orcha Whales

A view of the open ocean beyond the point of land in the distance.
The captain was telling us this is one of longest stretches of open water in the world. ~2700 miles to Hawaii, and ~9500 miles to the Antarctic.

Bear Glacier

A humpback whale feeding
The whale would dive and release air bubbles, scareing the small fish towards the surface

then the whale will come up from below with it’s mouth open catching the fish.

We had a spectacular display from a young whale breaching a few hundred yards from the boat. He must have breached 12-15 times.

It was difficult to get good pictures, but here is a still photo of a not very spectacular breach.

This video is better

Moving on towards the glaciers.

Even a picture of Sharon

A very small iceberg. There were a number of these small icebergs with weird shapes.

Approaching the glacier

Several pictures of the glacier calving.
A short video of the glacier calving

We even got to see a big chunk of a hanging glacier break off and fall or flow down the cliff.  Cool!  

Steller Sea Lions

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